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Get ready for the greatest tragedy in American history. If the price tag of gasoline ever goes above 5 bucks a gallon, millions of gas guzzling automobiles will be worthless. Filling up a full tank will then expense more than a single hundred bucks. With a recession coming on and the unemployment rate rising quite a few of those gas guzzlers will be unaffordable. Most will have to be turned into scrap metal. Lots of workers who can?t afford a new auto will have to piggyback with a neighbor that is traveling in their direction or walk to the bus quit.

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According to Mazda?s press release: ?The all-new Mazda6 arrives as a complete redesign of Mazda?s first model to embody the Zoom-Zoom product philosophy, providing a thrilling drive to all those who nevertheless try to remember the really like of motion very first knowledgeable as a youngster.? The Mazda6 is the follow-up of the automaker to the new Mazda2. The stated new hatchback is smaller sized than its predecessor therefore there are speculations that the new Mazda6 may well be smaller sized than the existing models.

They can be avoided if we can cut down our dependence on oil.

The high gasoline fees may make it too high priced to travel a extended distance to shop at the mall. That would be good news for the modest businessman. It would bring back the ?Mom and Pop? shops to your neighborhood. It would even help you to get to know your neighbors much better. Significant enterprises may start out opening up close by in order to be near their workers. There would be less congestion on the highway and cleaner air.

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The Ford Mondeo has been well received in Europe and this may well be anything that Mazda will use in its promoting of the new Mazda6. According to Edmunds, the major on line supply of auto details, the design of the Mazda6 is much more European than Japanese. Therefore this implies that the new Mazda6 was developed for the satisfaction of loyal Mazda enthusiasts. The level of acceptance of the Mazda6 even though is nonetheless to be gauged as a full overview of the car is however to be released. Specifications are also not but announced. Reliability expectation is higher since Mazda6 components are known to be dependable.

Tillman Auto – That would be very good news for the small businessman. If the price of gasoline ever goes above 5 bucks a gallon, millions of gas guzzling automobiles will be worthless.

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