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The new Mazda6 using Ford?s platform for the Mondeo signifies that the Japanese automaker has dropped the CD3 platform which it has been making use of for the previous models. This shift in terms of the platform becoming utilised is portion of Ford?s turnaround strategy. The Dearborn automaker has shares in Mazda and the two automakers are sharing platforms to reduce down expense in the manufacturing process.empire auto sales

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There is no answer for the problem of high price gasoline.

The Ford Mondeo has been well received in Europe and this could possibly be one thing that Mazda will use in its advertising of the new Mazda6. According to Edmunds, the top on line supply of auto information, the style of the Mazda6 is far more European than Japanese. Therefore this indicates that the new Mazda6 was designed for the satisfaction of loyal Mazda enthusiasts. The level of acceptance of the Mazda6 though is nevertheless to be gauged as a full critique of the car is but to be released. Specifications are also not but announced. Reliability expectation is high since Mazda6 components are known to be reliable.

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Empire Auto Sales – But the new sedan has its own exceptional appear, thanks to the smooth lines on its front fascia. The new sedan is stated to embody the Zoom Zoom driving dynamics that the automaker prides itself in.

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